Become #WildfireReady


– If you live, work, exercise, holiday or travel through a wildfire area…

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

Small Holding or Rural Area

Farm, Nature Reserve, Wilderness



Understand Your Risk


Create a Plan

Take Action & Prepare

Know How to React

You understand how wildfire can impact your home & neighbourhood.

Your home is retrofitted or built with fire resilient materials.

Your keep leaves, bark & organic matter clear from home and structures.

Your lawn, plants, trees & flowerbeds are managed around your home.

You are aware of high fire danger weather and stay tuned to alerts.

You have an action checklist of what to do before, during and after a wildfire.

You have an evacuation plan for people and animals and it has been rehearsed.

You know how to effectively report a wildfire ignition in your area.

You are an active member of a Fire Protection Association.

You have the right equipment and clothing for when a wildfire occurs.

You have an independent water source to protect your property.

You have a fuel management plan which considers fire spread and ignitions.

You have a plan for your household but also your community.

You consider all the risks…



Take Household Action

Reduce loss from wildfires through proactive action. Build resilience to wildfire risks by taking pre-emptive measures around your home and property. Access #WilfireReady info to help guide you in this process

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Take Community Action

Becoming WildfireReady takes time and coordination with your neighbours. Start with high risk areas and important preparation projects such as creating a community evacuation plan, vegetation management plan and multi-agency co-operation and support plan.

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Seek Professional Help

WildfireReady is about reducing loss from wildfires through proactive actions taken to build resilience to wildfire risks. This process can be complex and time consuming. With a trained eye and experience in wildfire and helping homeowners and communities become #WildfireReady experienced consultant can help you and your community. 

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