Why #WildfireReady?

Currently, there is a predominant focus on reacting to wildfires when they occur. Local and international analysis of wildfire incidents consistently points to the need for much greater focus on wildfire preparedness and readiness in order to reduce loss and minimise management by crisis. Within the wildfire industry there is a lot of knowledge but no consistent way to tap into that information as a citizen or community affected by wildfire. In order for awareness to result in action, the recipient of communication needs to trust the source of the information, connect with the message and be consistently informed about wildfire ready tactics.

There is a need for a dependable and steady voice of wildfire and #WildfireReady was developed to deliver on this need.

The #WildfireReady initiative has the primary goal to share information and build knowledge in order to help guide, assist and drive community action in their efforts to understand and tackle wildfire risks and become #WildfireReady.

Furthermore #WildfireReady has a secondary goal to encourage the stakeholders working in the wildfire industry to unite behind this common cause and work in synergy and collaboration to achieve it.

The concept – what if the source of the message, was also the underlying core message?

#WildfireReady is a communication strategy and awareness generating initiative. The hashtag (#WildfireReady) carries the primary strategic message of being #WildfireReady and every message which falls under this hashtag carries a secondary message, which is more tactical in nature and provides the building blocks for awareness, readiness and preparedness. Hence, the source of the message is also the message.

#WildfireReady – A Communication Partnership

This strategic communication concept was conceived by Vulcan Wildfire Management and in the interest of seeing the initiative continue to grow Vulcan has further invested time and resources as part of a Corporate Social Initiative to ensure that the #WildfireReady communication strategy continues to develop and reach wider audiences affected by wildfire.

In 2018 the Western Cape Government, Disaster Management and Fire & Rescue Services worked with Vulcan Wildfire Management to create and design a logo and info-graphic materials which are made available to download and share on this website in the #WildfireReady Downloads section.

Renowned wildfire photographer Justin Sullivan is a key contributor and supporter of #WildfireReady. Justin works on communication campaigns and gives generously of his time as well as his audio and visual footage.

The Western Cape Umbrella Fire Protection Association hosted the first #WildfireReady Convention in November 2018 which focussed on the future of targeting wildfires in Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI). This saw the coming together of the wildfire industry stakeholders to gain insights from leading local and international wildfire experts in order to create a dialog for future #WildfireReady work.

As the #WildfireReady initiative moves into the future we invite and encourage other key stakeholders to unite behind this powerful campaign and begin to be part of the team working in synergy towards creating #WildfireReady communities.

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