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Today officially marked the start of the training season for the #SouthPeninsula station. We embarked on a training hike surrounding the Silvermine Dam, both for new recruits, who want to qualify as wildland firefighters and active members, who wish to continue their service. vwsfires photo

Happy #MothersDay to those of our members who are moms and to those moms running in our 14th Trail Challenge this morning! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’
Our 20km #TC2019 run has just started with the course covering the majestic setting of Cape Town & @TableMountainNP.
Good luck to all those running πŸ’ͺ
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It is a beautiful morning this morning!
Good luck Pippa and all the other mothers on #MothersDay πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

May you all have a stunning #TC2019 and return home to much spoiling πŸ’
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Pippa Green @green_pippa
Start of the ⁦⁦ @vwsfires⁩ trail run up Devils Peak. Runners gather just before sunrise.

Only 4 more days to get your tickets to VWS Trail Challenge #VWSTC this Sunday 12 May. The final tickets are moving fast so don't miss out! There are just over 50 left for each race. Enter here: Tickets may sell out before the day so get your tickets NOW! vwsfires photo

National Warning issued by SAWS valid, 07 May 2019

Extremely high fire danger conditions are expected for interior of the N Cape as well as Beaufort West Local Municipality of the W Cape. #WildfireReady #fireweather @vwsfires
@NorthernCapeGov @CapeTalk @MerakaAFIS
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There are many words that firefighters use to describe themselves.

One they rarely use is 'Hero'.

We do what we do to make a difference, to answer a calling and to respond to a passion. #May4th @vwsfires @WfpaF @OverbergFPA @ushotshots @CapeTalk @SouthernCapeFPA @FRI_magazine
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WARNING: National warning issued @SAWeatherServic 30 April 2019

Extremely high fire danger conditions expected over central & west interior of N Cape & central & eastern parts of W Cape.

Warning (colour coded red), indicating β€œtake action”. @vwsfires @CapeTalk @SouthernCapeFPA
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#Hermanusfires #rebuild
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Overstrand Muni @OverstrandMuni
The process of tackling the smouldering underground fires in sections of the Onrus River Peat Wetland area, which is situated on the Camphill School and Farm Community property, has finally begun.

#SaveTheDate: Our AGM will be held on Thursday, 30 May. It starts at 2pm at the Caledon NG Kerk Wes gemeente. ALL members welcome. For more info, visit: OverbergFPA photo

Baby brother having a go at the @CTCycleTour πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

As the sun rises in Franschhoek, we applaud the great working syngery between all involved and wish the best of luck to fresh teams being deployed this morning at the #MooiwaterFire / #FireIsEveryonesFight For Updates please visit Cape Winelands DM on FB Sullphotography photo

Thank You to those who donated and shared our BackaBuddy post. With the funds raised so far we have bought some Flavor Nation flavors and Polycarbonate chocolate moulds πŸ˜€

Whilst we understand this is...


Since the fires of June 2017, business has taken a sharp decline for us in our personal capacity and in order to supplement our income, DonΓ© and I (Bruce) started making...


Our Fire Department is aware of the fire between Hornlee and Fisher Haven. Fire Fighters are at the scene attending to the fire.

Ganzekraal/Kammanassie Fire Update. 17.30

George Fire and Rescue Services at incident. The Chief Fire Officer, Neels Barnard, is the Incident Commander. Wayne Young from SCFPA Uniondale Office assisting....

There is a water outage in Folkstone Street, Parklands, which could also be affecting the surrounds. The department is attending to this.

The water supply in Khayelitsha has been restored.

The water supply in Ravensmead has been restored.

The water supply in Vredekloof East has been restored.

There is a water outage in Magnolia road, Brackenfell, which could also be affecting the surrounds. The department is attending to this.

The water supply in Bonnie Brae has been restored.

For there to be progress, there needs to be a call to action.

The first step is usually the hardest and the most important.

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